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Setting Back Prominent Ears

Ears that are too large or prominent can cause embarrassment or a lack of comfort for patients. Self confidence is often affected in many people over a period of years as they grow into adulthood.

Ear pinnaplasty is a form of surgery that corrects prominent ears and re designs them to make them more compatible with the patient’s face.

Positive changes to the patient’s ears can lead to increased self confidence and esteem and are not only for visual acceptance.

In any form of surgery it is important to discuss the reasons for wanting the procedure with the consultant prior to any operation and our specialists will always be on hand to answer any further questions. 

The operation can be performed either under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic, a choice to discuss with the individual consultant and patient. 

The operation will involve small cuts being made in the crease of the ear and the cartilage re-shaped through the incisions. The ear will then be stitched back into the desired position and the ear packed with moulding material before being bandaged. 

In most cases our patients will be able to return home on the same day as the procedure, however if a general anaesthetic has been used for the surgery we ask that a friend or family member be available to drive the patient home.

There will be some discomfort following the procedure as with most forms of surgery but this can be managed by simple over the counter painkillers. This will be discussed prior to the procedure with Mr Iqbal.

The bandages will be removed after about a week and at this point you may return to work. It is important for another couple of weeks after that strenuous exercise is avoided. When everything is healed correctly you will then return to the hospital to have the stitches removed. 


Setting Back Prominent Ears




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